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Sunday, May 1, 2011



1. Name Scientific Name: thinospora crispa L. Local Name: shen jin teng (Chinese), butrawali (Indonesia), bratawali, putrawali (Indonesia), andawali (Indonesia), antawali (Indonesia), fruit Gendel (Indonesia).
2. Physical Characteristics Figure: climbing shrubs Height: 2.5 meters Stem: thorn similar software is the fictitious rash Leaves: single, stemmed, shaped like a heart or slightly rounded, tapered edges Flowers: small, green, and has bunches of artificial Fruit: formed in bunches, the color pink

3. Origin Southeast Asia
4. Places to grow Plants can be found growing wild in the woods or lading. However, because of his usefulness, many of Indonesia's population is planted in the yard. The distribution is mainly in tropical regions berkawasan. Brotowali actually liked the place a bit hot.
5. Multiplication Propagation by stem cuttings. Choose stems that somewhat old and planted in a special place in advance to establish roots before planting.
6. Chemical Ingredients Alkaloids, dammar soft, starch, glokosida pikrorestosid, pikroterin bitter substances, Harsha, berberine, and palmatin.
7. Efficacy for the treatment of a. Anti-septic on ulceration, scabies, wounds Part of the sick can be cleaned with a stew trunk. In addition, the leaves are finely ground brotowali can paste on the wound and replaced twice a day to heal. b. Scabies in children It is recommended that children take a bath with boiling water trunk. Way to take stem brotowali about 1 meter. Cut into small pieces, then boiled with 4 liters of water until boiling. Enter the cooking water into a bucket or large bowl and add cold water. Bathe the child while immersing himself in the water this brotowali. c. Fever Take 2 fingers brotowali stem, boiled with 2 cups water to 1 cup. Add a little honey. Drink half a glass of boiled water is 2 times a day. d. Appetite enhancer Prepare brotowali leaves 3 leaves, the trunk 30 grams, and water 2000 cc. first leaves and stems in the clear, then boiled with water. Drink boiled water 1 cup per day. e. Other diseases Water decoction of stem brotowali also believed to cure remati, bruising, yellow fever, and as a diabetes drug.


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